Traditional Campaign
  • Schedule radio interviews on both the local and national level.
  • Print interviews/reviews on both the local and national level.
Deluxe Traditional Campaign

Traditional Campaign plus:

  • National television interviews.
  • Event planning for authors and/or participating speakers.
  • Manage all details related to events, including but not limited to: ensuring the proper volume of stock is available at each event, coordinate event promotion with staff at venues, secure media escorts/transportation in event markets when necessary.
  • The presence of KMSPR at scheduled events.
Digital Campaign
  • Social media audit and consultation for Facebook fan page and Twitter feed. Create/overhaul pages if necessary.
  • Assume maintenance of client Facebook fan page. Engage with current fans, increase frequency of posts and marketplace awareness. KMSPR will use Twitter/Facebook to attract additional fans.
  • Cherry pick other fan pages to “like.” We would search topics related to the project, and pick the pages we think would reciprocate the action (ie, “like” you back).
Deluxe Digital Campaign

Digital Campaign plus:

  • Target relevant blogger community.
  • Drive editorial coverage from the web’s largest influencers on the most relevant sites, social networks, and blogs.
  • Promote events on Twitter and Facebook in conjunction with project.
  • Execute innovative promotions which will engage readers, keeping them aware of release and talking about it.
  • Perform analytics on Facebook fan page/Twitter feed.
  • Post-campaign Facebook and Twitter maintenance: Price to be determined.
Consultation Services
  • Marketing plans
  • Book proposals
  • Strategic partnerships for authors/publishers
  • All fees TBD based on scope of project
Special Events
  • Book publication parties
  • Galas
  • Conferences
  • Performances